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R.B. Humbug
The Figgy Festive Seasonal Wonderland Mistletoe Spirit Tidings Miracle Single of Giving
(released 12.24.2012)

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Recorded in < 24 hours from 12/23-24/12. RB is the lone musician on this recording.
...Well, sorta; the alto sax and sleigh bell samples are courtesy a couple of awesome Freesound users.

Note from R.B. Humbug: In case you were not aware, these two songs were originally big Christmas hits for Wham! and Paul McCartney respectively in the early 1980s, the final popular-music era in which new, original Christmas songs were allowed by the media-conglomerates-that-be to become chart-topping hit singles. Despite noticeably divergent compositional approaches, these two songs constitute heinous atrocities against art and humanity alike in original form, and have been treated accordingly by yours truly. (Proto-femme-emo 90s indie hero E. Elmore tried her hand rather publicly at the Wham! song some 15-odd years later; she certainly didn't make much of an improvement.)

This recording under a Creative Commons License;
CC BY-NC-ND 2012-2013 the Loss Foundation.

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  1. Last Christmas (An Open Letter to E. Elmore)
  2. Wonderful Christmastime (Wonderful Christmastime Wonderful Christmastime Wonderful Christmastime) (...) (...Wonderful Christmastime)

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