Ideally, you could just pop open a Loss Foundation album link in your phone's browser and be able to cruise around town with it blasting continuously on your car stereo or headphones. From "our" testing, iOS / WinRT / even Blackberry users already seem to have that ability on without much trouble. However, and most unfortunately, Android users may have some difficulties peculiar to that OS and its many diverse implementations. Here is some advice to Android users wanting to hear fine, streaming Loss Foundation releases as they were intended with a minimum of hassle / headache:

Sorry, truly, that any of this is even necessary! "We" have really worked hard to make the music of the Loss Foundation as accessible and 2013-easy to listen to as possible (well, at least we want the music to be 2013-easy to listen to from a purely technical standpoint). Android's diverse ecosystem and still-sorta-maturing developmental status have frustrated those efforts on that particular ubiquitous platform. But hopefully, as time goes on, Google will resolve many of these frustrating weirdnesses in Android and you'll have no idea what I'm talking about with any of this - it will just be smooth streaming sailing.

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