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Oh, and please don't judge DS:asc as a "band" by this project. The first DS:asc EP from '07 is a lot better for some reason. It happens.

Dripping, Sopping: A Saturation Celebration
A Very Dripping, Sopping Holiday (2011)

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DS:asc is basically RB, except:
Bass on "Joseph's Lament" and the verse sections of "A (Red) Ring For Christmas" by ¡Kernel Sanders!
Guitar solo on "Joseph's Lament" by CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER
"This Christmas (On The Fourth Of July)" contains elements by Walter "Jack" Rollins and Steve Nelson, Lee Greenwood, and Francis Scott Key, all used gleefully without permission, in the name of liberty.
RB takes blame for all other compositional mishaps.
Written and recorded 12/12-12/20/11 in OKC and Norman, OK.
No Apple products were used in the making of this recording.
Special thanks to Lin, Sandi, and Wes.

A lyric sheet is available here, but you might want to try picking the words up by ear first.

This release under a Creative Commons License;
CC BY-NC-ND 2011-2013 the Loss Foundation.

  1. A Father's Gift
  2. Joseph's Lament
  3. A (Red) Ring for Christmas
  4. Master Santa
  5. A Father's Gift (Slight Return)
  6. ...
  7. Bonus demo: This Christmas (On the 4th of July)
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