Aprosody - Ignition Etudes (released fall 2000)

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Experimental ambient metal built around classic drum breaks and layers of sculpted noise. Turn it up-- way up-- for best results. For more about Ignition Etudes, have a look at my reissue blog post.

Lyric sheet

Original 2000 liner notes (mostly):
R. B. is responsible for all anomalies.
Recorded at home during the months of February, March, and August 2000.
No analog recording devices, bass guitars, keyboard-based synthesizers/samplers, guitar amplifiers or goddamned Macs were utilized in the making of this album.

Unsolicited endorsements: Hamer USA guitars, Korg AX1000G / SDD3000 / X911, Moogerfooger and 3ms effects, Sonic Foundry and Waves software, Csound.

Word: Matt's Guitar Shed. Rasmus Ekman (Granulab is life). The KRUI extended family. The Bassturd. D. Green and M. Both of Commonsound. Phil. Rick.

Wordest: Princeton, Champ.

SPL >90dB, flat EQ settings, and uninterrupted listening in prescribed track order:
**mandatory for enjoyment of this product as it was intended.**
Note: chafing may result from extended exposure. This is intentional.

The ignition etudes are not stylistically indicative.

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