This release may contain explicit audible lyrics or other audio content that is not work/kid safe.

Originally recorded at home in 1990-1993-- when the Loss Foundation's RB was a mere 14-to-17-year-old lad first cutting his teeth on cassette-based four-tracks and samplers-- these tracks all first appeared on one of three Christmas "albums" released on cassette in micro-quantity under the name of Guy Llama. Llama was a bizarre lounge-singer alter ego who introduced various "artists" found on the albums, but otherwise had little to nothing to do with the goofy parodies and grating sonic manifestation of ADHD found therein.

The best products from those early 90s Guy Llama Christmas albums were "hand-selected," then fully digitally remixed and remastered in 1999 for a CD compilation release. Now, in 200x/201x/20xx+, that CD compilation has finally found its way, gratis, onto the streaming Intarwebs. Joy to the world.

Note that this album, while mostly just silly / waaaaacky / zaaaaaaaany in innocuous early-90s fashion, is absolutely NOT SAFE for work / children and has some truly tasteless moments. (I mean, it was concocted by a teenage boy in the early 90s, what would you reasonably expect?)

Guy Llama was your host and piano player 1990-1993

1 and 3 originally recorded 12/90; 5, 8, 16, 17 recorded 12/91; all taken from Guy Llama's Christmas Trek 2 Hell, released 12/91
4, 6, 7, 10, 12, 14, 15, 18, 19, 22 taken from Unwrap Your Contraption Vol. I & II, recorded 11-12/92, released 12/92
2, 9, 11, 13, 20, 21 taken from Santa's Kegger, recorded/released 12/93
Segueways taken from original masters and unreleased Llama outtakes

All tracks originally recorded on 4-track at ECB Studios, in the corn of Illinois
Digital remix/mastering 12/1999 at ECB Mobile Studios, Iowa City, Iowa
Original recordings and post-mortem remix/mastering by RB

2, 7, 11, 20, 21 wholly written by RB; all other tracks hacked by RB based on original compositions by whoever the hell wrote the original songs involved (with occasional assistance from various members of the Village Idiot Chorus).

All instruments, "vocals," programming and arrangements by RB, save for the following exceptions:
P. Cramer: Silly laugh on 1 and 22, guitar solo on 12, backing vocals on 14
T. Benefiel: sinister cackles on 4, "Christmas snippet" vocals on 12, backing vocals on 14
BJ B. and L. Blythe: Various "instruments" and screams on 10
The VIC: arena backing vocals on 12
7, 13, 20, 22 contain substantial amounts of musical elements from various extraneous sources (alongside studio performances recorded at ECB)

16 produced by P. Cramer and RB
All other tracks produced by RB
Artwork and layout: guess who / Photos: various uncredited sources
Executive Producer: Guy Llama

RB gives special thanks to: the VIC for help, support, inspiration, and samples; the Bass Turd for loaning me the 4-track deck for the remix job; my family for tolerating the original recording process throughout my adolescence; all at what was once VVT (basically, Phil); you, for listening.
Guy Llama gives special thanks to: the Creator; ladies and gentlemen.

Consider using headphones (good ones!) when listening to this release.

This compilation and the original source materials were exclusively created using IBM compatibles (2018 note: this is what we used to call them in 1990).

This material, once released on very cheap cassettes, was originally compiled and released as a very cheap compact disc in 1999-2000, and is now available for free, but only on the Internets.