The audio content of this release should be work/kid safe
(regardless of whatever naughty words may be used in print or song titles below).
R.B. Humbug
The Figgy Festive Seasonal Wonderland Mistletoe Spirit Tidings Miracle Single of Giving 2012
Release date: 12/24/2012 | Duration: 8 min. | Genre: Full Xmas coverage
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  1. Last Christmas (An Open Letter to E. Elmore) (4:11)
  2. Wonderful Christmastime (Wonderful Christmastime Wonderful Christmastime Wonderful Christmastime) (3:54)

This release is actually work safe, at least in the "there's no filthy language" sense, but maybe not so much in the "you won't creep out your coworkers" sense.

Recorded afternoon of 12/23/12 and morning of 12/24/12.

Kbds, patch programming, drums, bass, guitars, all vocals and extremely halfassed mixdown by R.B. Humbug.

Created in REAPER ( with special software shoutouts to Shortcircuit and Synth-1.

Alto sax and sleigh bell samples courtesy a couple of awesome Freesound users.

I chose to cover these two particular songs because they are, hands down, the two worst Christmas songs of all time, and I hate both Christmas and myself. happy holidaze 2012.