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Dripping, Sopping: A Saturation Celebration
A Very Dripping, Sopping Holiday
Release date: 12/22/2011 | Duration: 16 min. | Genre: Yuletide sausagefest
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  1. A Father's Gift (3:00)
  2. Joseph's Lament (2:08)
  3. A (Red) Ring For Christmas (1:51)
  4. Master Santa (1:53)
  5. A Father's Gift (Slight Return) (1:34)
  6. (an introductory explanation) (1:02)
  7. DEMO - This Christmas (On The Fourth Of July) (4:20)

There's really no excuse for this record, especially if you actually like Christmas. Overall I've never been a fan of holidays and/or The Holidays, and I know that sounds funny for someone who has spent probably a quarter of their living Christmases recording Christmas music of some kind. But a big part of the motivation for that is just not getting the whole weird casserole of dumb mythos and associated cultural baggage, and wanting to do my tiny little part just about every December toward burning it all down.

That was surely the spirit in which Dripping, Sopping Holiday was conceived too; it's a handful of original bad-rock "Christmas songs" that are really about zero-sum plutocratic mindsets, the glaring flaws in the original Christmas story (I've also never been a fan of suspension of disbelief), and just general human shittiness. Looking back a few years now, I probably could have produced some less bombastic / occasionally-offensive takes on those themes, but... hey, hindsight is 20/20 and, as always, I was in a hurry.

The first non-seasonal DS:asc release is undoubtedly better than this one, either way, although Sopping Holiday still has its moments. I'm probably for-sure getting too old for this kind of thing.


A lyric sheet for A Very Dripping, Sopping Holiday is here, but you might want to try picking the words out by ear first.

DS:asc is basically RB, except:
Bass on "Joseph's Lament" and the verse sections of "A (Red) Ring For Christmas" by ¡Kernel Sanders!
Guitar solo on "Joseph's Lament" by CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER/GUITAR THIEF

Written and recorded extremely quickly and badly between 12/12/11 - 12/20/11 in various places about Oklahoma City
(but mostly in one particular place about Oklahoma City, near NW 23rd and Classen)
Recorded and mixed by RB using REAPER 4.x
Other nerdy details on the super-cheap gear used can be found here (but I promise you don't care).

Hey, did you know-- all songs are ALSO by RB, except:
"A (Red) Ring For Christmas" based on a suggested song title by Lin T aka Soopageek
"Master Santa" based on an utterly ludicrous and indefensible concept suggested over the phone by Sandi L-G at the desperate, last possible second
Bonus track, demo version of "This Christmas (On The Fourth Of July)," contains small elements borrowed from compositions by Walter "Jack" Rollins and Steve Nelson, Lee Greenwood, and Francis Scott Key, all used gleefully without permission, in the name of liberty.

No Apple products were used in the making of this record.