This release may contain explicit audible lyrics or other audio content that is not work/kid safe.
Quelle Fromage
Le Monde Du Fromage
Release date: 12/01/2001 | Duration: 15 min. | Genre: Instrumental cheesepop

  1. The Aerobicizer (0:52)
  2. Das Nintenderkrachenklaun (0:47)
  3. RetarDiscotheque (0:58)
  4. Silicone Mishap (1:02)
  5. Theme from the smash public access series "Jigglebots, P.I." (2:15)
  6. neeneenaReener (1:35)
  7. Poop Inna Babylon (1:22)
  8. !!TOOT TOOT L'HEURE!!!!!!! ! (1:06)
  9. Self-Help Seminar (1:00)
  10. Another Side of Fromage (1:04)
  11. Bleepity-Bloopity Frenchie-Ass: An epic (3:05)

It was spring 2001 (hey, not even 9/11 yet!). I'd "launched" the Loss Foundation the year prior, and had recently completed the first LF release, Aprosody's Ignition Etudes. Maybe it was the dour seriousness and predetermined/predestined mega-inaccessibility of the Aprosody record that spawned a knee-jerk complete stylistic flip, manifested in the creation of Quelle Fromage.

Or maybe it was the sealed Gil Trythall Nashville Moog LP a comparatively young RB found at a local record shop that spring, only to fall desperately and only semi-ironically in love with its contents. Maybe it was the experimental Reaktor patch I threw together that was meant to generate a seizure-inducing guitar tone but instead almost immediately led to "Das Nintenderkrachenklaun" (the first QF song ever completed, entirely on accident of course). Maybe it was my cherished friendship and protracted collaboration with the master of the SK-1-driven improvised modal melody, Dan "The Bassturd" Butler. Or maybe, just maybe, QF was due to me waking up one morning and realizing I'd become a Casiotone collector entirely by accident and really ought to make some music with the things.

Naturally, no one actually gives a shit about Quelle Fromage's raison d'etre, but the two QF releases to date (as of this writing) are the releases I instantly suggest to the curious as the entry point to my musical output before they can say, "Sir, this is a Wendy's." The songs are short and varied enough for 21st-century-sized attention spans, each 60-second library-music-cum-Koji-Kondo morsel dripping with more joie de vivre than I assure you I even have in me, the portamento knob always turned up to 11. This first QF release, Le Monde Du Fromage, is the more raw and spontaneous of the two QF efforts to date, with many of the parts played in live on MIDIlliterate devices (and also, quite possibly, while drunk).

I know a lot of people who are French-proficient, but it somehow took over a decade and two QF EP releases before a random Internet stranger pointed out to me that Quelle Fromage is badly broken French. But somehow, Quel Fromage just doesn't have the same ring to it, and you just wouldn't believe the costs associated with branding in the Loss Foundation universe. So.. sorry 'bout that, Frenchie.


Quelle Fromage is RB.
Hardware: Casio VZ-10M and various Casiotone whatzits, Paia Fatman, Yamaha TX16W, circuit-bent crap from Goodwill
Software: Vegas, Reaktor, Reason
Cat Champ appears courtesy of cat Champ.

All songs and recordings copyright / CC BY-NC 4.0 2001-2018 the Loss Foundation.