The audio content of this release should be work/kid safe
(regardless of whatever naughty words may be used in print or song titles below).

Sadly, most of my musical projects seen to "completion" are relatively (yeah, more like absolutely) rushed affairs. With Economy, though, I took the month of February 2008 to do what any sorta trained composer should, i.e., work daily, slowly, and methodically. And whaddaya know, the result isn't completely sloppy this time... which is not to say it's not still ridiculous.

The eighteen motivically-frugal minutes of Economy are stylically all over the map. More importantly for keeping a Quelle Fromage product on-brand, this little record is gunnin' for a great time, via an overdose of melody and every genre of overused synth patch you've never wanted to hear again since at least 1990.

I'd still love to do yet another QF record, but after doing Economy entirely with softsynths (save for exactly one real guitar in "Kidd Plagal"), I promised myself I'd do the next one entirely with ancient real-world ancient MIDI hardware... and who wants to do that to themselves in the 21st century? There are limits to even my masochism. Perhaps cheese will yet, someday, triumph over pain.


Album artwork by S. Ostrowski.
RB is responsible for everything else.

Written and recorded February 2008.
This MIDI-intensive project was proudly / happily realized in its entirety with 99% free softsynths and REAPER.

Pre-recording outer-voice manuscript sketch for BEEFEETER TOO