The audio content of this release should be work/kid safe
(regardless of whatever naughty words may be used in print or song titles below).

I have absolutely hated the sound of fretless electric bass for my entire life. On August 27, 2018, I received a fretless neck in the mail and attached it to a spare Squier Jazz body I had sitting around. On August 28, 2018, I set out to make one improv or semi-improv micro-song a night every night for a month, with the fretless bass and "I am really trying not to hate this thing" being the only consistent elements. Now I am releasing the entire resulting 43-minute batch of 30 experiments. I'm sorry.

This release also available at Bandcamp.

RB played fretless bass + all other instruments (except Fisher-Price Elephant Piano and vocals on #15 by NPY-B).
Improvised/written & recorded 8/28/18-9/27/18, usually in about 20-60 mins per song, after N had gone to bed.
Artwork by RB.
Squirrel drums (#22/25; samples @ appear courtesy of squirrels.

Thanks to: MY, AEB, SL, Lin, Bryn, ye olde SimulAnalog devs, Cockos, Valhalla and Mighty Mite.
To NPY-B (and PY-B): Meow.

Consult your physician before ingesting this recording if you suffer from absolute pitch.
Consult my fist if you attempt to initially listen to music (by anyone) on built-in cell phone or laptop speakers.

Distributed digitally by The Loss Foundation under a Creative Commons BY-NC (non-commercial) 4.0 license.