Take your pick of three or more fine holiday products brought to you by the good people person of The Loss Foundation, spanning 23+ years of musical Xmas "cheer" - all absolutely free for the taking!
Each recording is streaming online, with download packs in your choice of formats if you want 'em.

Guy Llama 1990-93
70+ minutes of novelty-Xmas nonsense from a bored early-90s teenager
Dripping, Sopping 2011
5 (or 6?) sophomoric Xmas originals in seriously questionable taste, made at the thankless minimum-wage rock factory
RB Humbug 2012
Two (2) of no one's favorite Xmas songs finally (and very hastily) destroyed for the good of mankind
???? 2013
Currently an OPEN INVITATION TO EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD to contribute ideas and noises that may become a NEW holiday record! Or maybe not! Anyway, read it.

Or, if you hate winter-holiday-season music, that's cool too. There's more free music from the same responsible parties at The Loss Foundation, if not very much.