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Jackson Timbrelake
Futuresex/Poopsounds (2007)

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Yes, this is a song-by-song, end-to-end cover of Justin Timberlake's most famous album, recorded in early September 2007 as an inside joke / celebration of modern-day American popular culture.
Poopsounds contains only live, often completely unrehearsed takes, overdubbed into a chaotic mess of 15-30 layered completely-unrehearsed takes on average. The few samples / loops used on this record were created from scratch, and the built-in mic on a 2007 Macbook Pro (running Windows) was the only recording device allowed (samples/loops included)... save for one song which was actually recorded live one-take over the phone.

All manner of great liberties were taken with the original JT source material, sometimes to the point of unrecognizability... which is fine, because you probably only know the singles from this album anyway.

Six of the results of this wacky experiment are available for streaming; the remaining half of the cover-album is only available with the full-album download above. But I'm actually pretty proud of the entire thing in a weird, ridiculous, obviously-tossed-off way.

Jackson Timbrelake is RB, except:
Amazing cover art by Susie.
Drums on "Until the End of Time" and "All Over Again" by Sean C; recorder on "All Over Again" by Lisa C.
Neil Young appears courtesy of Canada; Don Knotts appears courtesy of Knotts Berry Farm; Michael McDonald appears courtesy of sweet freedom.

This release under a Creative Commons License;
CC BY-NC-ND 2011-2013 the Loss Foundation.

  1. Damn Girl
  2. My Love
  3. Summer Love (feat. Michael McDonald)
  4. What Goes Around (feat. Neil Young)
  5. Chop Me Up
  6. SexyBack (feat. Don Knotts)
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