Guy Llama
Santa's Workshop is Closed: Guy Llama's Greatest Xmas Hits 1990-1993

(released 12.99 / CC 1990-2013 the Loss Foundation)

Originally recorded at home in 1990-1993-- when the Loss Foundation's R.B. was a mere 14-to-17-year-old lad first cutting his teeth on cassette-based four-tracks and samplers-- these tracks all first appeared on one of three Christmas "albums" released on cassette in micro-quantity under the name of Guy Llama. Llama was a bizarre lounge-singer alter ego who introduced various "artists" found on the albums, but otherwise had little to nothing to do with the goofy parodies and grating sonic manifestation of ADHD found therein.

The best products from those early 90s Guy Llama Christmas albums were "hand-selected," then fully digitally remixed and remastered in 1999 for a CD compilation release.

Note that this album, while mostly just silly / waaaaacky / zaaaaaaaany in innocuous early-90s fashion, is:
NOT SAFE for work / children
and has some truly tasteless moments (I mean, it was concocted by a teenage boy in the early 90s, what would you reasonably expect?)

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...OR, for later private enjoyment, try one of these download packs (complete with PDF versions of the original CD liner notes):

MP3 download (v0 encoding, The Typical Choice of the Unwashed Masses, 129mb)

FLAC download (strictly for nerdy audio nerds who nerd to nerd, etc., 400mb)

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