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if you're new to my "music", maybe try Quelle Fromage or the non-Xmas Dripping, Sopping first. maybe. (i also still like the last half of the Slack Album)

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and since it's December and all, check out the new Loss Foundation Holiday Music Portal - all past LF Xmas projects in one place.

Selected "releases" in chronological order (links usually open separate pages for free listening and/or download):
2012 12/24/2012: Obligatory last-minute holiday thing! R.B. Humbug covers Wham's "Last Christmas" and the ever-beloved "Wonderful Christmastime" for your listening pleasure.
One-off Quelle Fromage track done with LGPT for Hexawe Monorave compilation - "Noam Chomsky's Corporate Carbohydrate Surprise" (<-- Soundcloud direct link)
2011 Dripping, Sopping: A Saturation Celebration - A Very Dripping, Sopping Holiday EP (released 12.22.11, available again until 12.31.13)
2009 The Bassturd 7" (BT sings / raps; I recorded / produced / played all instruments and laid down rhyme verse #2) - "More F***ed Up Than You" b/w "We Rap Slow" (released summer 2009)
2008 Quelle Fromage - Economy EP (released 8.22.08)
One-off noise-shoegaze cover of Madonna's "Borderline" (3.08.08) - mp3 / video
2007 Dripping, Sopping: A Saturation Celebration - uh-not-quite-completed EP (issued in current form 3.1.07)
Jackson Timbrelake - Futuresex/Poopsounds (full-length / track-for-track "cover" of Justin Timberlake's Futuresex/Lovesounds, all recorded on built-in laptop mic; released circa 9.15.07)
Unicorns Are Real And They Can Also Be Vampires - "Abominator" demo (11.07)
2004 dj n-wee - The Slack Album (full-length Jay-Z / Pavement not-quite-a-mashup project, released 4.22.04)
2003 Various privately-recorded Squid Int'l demos, spring '03 - hear them here (or, see the 2005 video for "Is the guy who does your tree service named Jerry?")
Aprosody - "Loss of Sangria" (recorded 2.03)
2002 Aprosody - "Gently Down The Stream" (rough / draft mix) and "Yes, I Had Gallstones" (both recorded throughout 2002; other ongoing work for a new Aprosody album was destroyed by a hard drive crash)
2001 Quelle Fromage - Le Monde du Fromage EP (completed 9.01)
Squid Int'l (with P. Huckelberry) - IPOEP EP (recorded and released 12.18.01)
2000 Nancarrow - The Drone Is Essence, The Gain Is Life album, work never completed (scraps to be posted soon)
Aprosody - Ignition Etudes album (released ~9.00)